VeeamON 2019: What’s In a Tech Conference?

For those of you that know me, you know I am an avid technology conference attendee. But the other day someone asked me why I enjoy conferences when “they just try to sell you stuff”. So in anticipation of VeeamON 2019, the next conference I hope to attend, I figured I would answer that question in a blog post.

The Break Out Sessions

Everyone knows the keynotes of technology conferences can be a spectacle and very entertaining, but what can I personally take back that helps me in my day to day job? The answer is breakout sessions. They provide pertinent information to my daily job, as well as providing me insight into future trends of which I might not be aware. For example, at the upcoming VeeamON, here are the breakout sessions I’m interested in:

  • Let’s Manage Agents. This is a practical session on agents, a topic that cannot be addressed too often if you are a storage admin.
  • Automate Yourself Out of a Backup Job — Advanced PowerShell & API Usage. Leaning towards the future, Veeam is providing relevant topics that guide me towards what I should be learning and how I can consume the API using tools I already know (PowerShell).
  • Veeam ONE Deep Dive on New Capabilities. I like new stuff. What can I say?
  • Cloud Native Backup Made Easy with Veeam Availability for AWS. Do you do cloud? I do.

The Technical “Rock Stars”

Every conference has speakers who are well known within the technology community, technology “rock stars.” But these rock stars are not of the “Don’t bother me” breed. Instead I have found they are approachable and actually enjoy discussing their work. Four guys I’m looking forward to seeing are:

Last But Not Least, The People

If you don’t meet at least 50 new people at a conference, you are missing out. Some of the most exciting and life changing experiences have come from people who I met at conferences. It opens a whole new world professionally and personally. There is no better place to network and grow friendships than in a setting where most everyone loves what you love and does what you do. There really is no barrier to meeting new people. The setting lends itself to a conversation. So if you have the chance to go to a conference, DON’T MISS IT!

P.S. Special mention for all you certification junkies out there, like myself: Veeam offers 50% off Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) trainings at the conference!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there! @virtualjamey

One thought on “VeeamON 2019: What’s In a Tech Conference?”

  1. (Full disclosure, I do work for Veeam now and I’m one of the presentations called out in your list.)

    Dead on the point Jamey. You are absolutely getting the right experience out of the conferences.

    To those who only look at these events as a time when “they just try to sell you stuff”, you are missing the opportunities to meet up with the presenters and technologists that know the product inside and out. Your career is also missing a boost from making professional connections and having real conversations with fellow users of technology (including those not related to the conference) who may be doing the same work that you are.

    I always get great content from breakout sessions, but I have gotten more in the long run from the hallway track and conversations with other attendees of the same sessions that wanted to know more or had specific questions for other users.

    I hope you make it out, I’ll be glad to have a chance to catch up. I’d also love more feedback on how to make the Veeam automation and API (all delivered via your favorite PowerShell flavor) so that it is easier to consume and can be made relevant to as many Veeam users as possible.

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