Powershell Get-Person

Where I work I do a lot of querying AD for users. I work for a large organization with many departments. When I first started, someone would say something like, “Hey Jamey, pull up Mr. Jolgue or Mr. Joluge or was it Mr. Joleguge,” and I would have no idea where to start my search. So I wanted to write something that would let me type in almost any criteria and get something besides an error back if there were no matches.

You can invoke this with no parameters if you want any result that is close to your search, or you can invoke this with the -FirstName, -LastName, or -UserName parameters if you want specific matches.

Remember to download RSAT tools to query AD remotely. They can be found here RSAT Tools.

Copy and paste this to a file and save with a .psm1 extension. Look up your module path, which can be found by typing $Env:PSModulePath into your shell. Create a folder of the same name in your module folder, then copy the file to that folder. After that you can call it as any other cmdlet.

Function Get-Person { 
.SYNOPSIS This script is used to search AD for users with more liberal filtering that I could get with Get-Aduser -Filter
.DESCRIPTION I use LDAP queries and wildcards to allow liberal search criteria and attempt to return anything close to what the user was thinking. If they want to be more specific, -FirstName -LastName or -UserName parameters can be used which require exact matches for input.
.PARAMETER LastName Accepts last name as search criteria. 
.PARAMETER FirstName Accepts first name as search criteria. 
.PARAMETER UserName Accepts SamAccountName as search criteria. 
.NOTES Author : Jamey Email : jamey@jamey.info 
.INPUTS Strings 
.OUTPUTS New custom user object with predefined attributes 
.LINK Script posted over: https://jamey.info 
.EXAMPLE Get-Person Jon Searches Active Directory for users that Last Name, First Name or Sam Account Name contain the string Jon 
.EXAMPLE Get-Person -LastName Jon Searches Active Directory for users with the last name Jon 
.EXAMPLE Get-Person -FirstName Jon Searches Active Directory for users with the first name Jon 
.EXAMPLE Get-Person -UserName Searches Active Directory for users with the SamAccountName Jon #>

#Requires –Modules ActiveDirectory
#Requires –Version 3

[CmdletBinding(DefaultParameterSetName = "All")] 

    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False,  Position=0,  ParameterSetName="All")]
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False,  ParameterSetName="LastName")]

    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False,  ParameterSetName="FirstName")]  
    [Parameter(Mandatory=$False,  ParameterSetName="UserName")]  

If ($All) {
    $UserInfo = Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(|(Sn=*$All*)(givenName=*$All*)(sAMAccountName=*$All*))" -Properties *
ElseIf ($LastName) {
    $UserInfo = Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(Sn=$LastName)" -Properties *
ElseIf ($FirstName) {
    $UserInfo = Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(GivenName=$FirstName)" -Properties *
ElseIf ($UserName) {
    $UserInfo = Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(samaccountname=$UserName)" -Properties *
Else {
    Return "Please enter some value to search on"

foreach ($User in $UserInfo) {
    $EachUser = Get-ADUser $User.samaccountname -Properties *
    $Properties = [PSCustomObject]@{
        "First Name" = $EachUser.Givenname
        "Last Name" = $EachUser.Surname
        "Display Name" = $EachUser.Displayname
        "User Name" = $EachUser.samaccountname
        "Employee ID" = $EachUser.employeeid
        "Account Created Date" = $EachUser.Created
        "Department" = $EachUser.Department
        "Description" = $EachUser.Description
        "OU Info" = $EachUser.Distinguishedname
        "Email Address" = $EachUser.emailaddress

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